torch Lake Glass

Adding art to everyday life in hundreds of custom homes across the usa
Handmade art glass cabinet hardware knobs, handles & drawer pulls are created in 4 styles & lots of fun colors. Fused glass accent tiles for kitchen backsplash & shower walls. Glass on glass mosaic window panels. One-of-a-kind fused glass home decor bowls, plates & dishes.

  HGTV says you can add "real pizzaz"​​ to your kitchen by replacing boring cabinet knobs, handles & drawer pulls with specialty art glass hardware from Torch Lake Glass.   

Choosing Cabinet Hardware 

What should I consider when purchasing cabinet hardware for my kitchen or bathroom?

  •  Home decor is all about self expression. When choosing hardware knobs, handles & drawer pulls for your kitchen or bathroom, first consider your personal taste.  What do you like?
  • Cabinet hardware choices are infinite.  You can choose from metal, glass, stone or manmade found items like faucet handles or nautical cleats. Are you seeking a traditional, artistic or eclectic atmosphere?
  • Imagine the "big picture".  Is your hardware purely functional or will you be using color & art to define your personal style?
  • Lastly, purchase samples. Install a sample hardware pull knob in your own personal space before you make the final decision.  Never trust your monitor to tell you the whole truth!

What size cabinet knobs should I buy? 

  • Kitchen cabinet knobs & pulls usually measure 1.25" to 1.5" in diameter.  The knobs should stand no more than 1" tall when mounted. Cabinet knobs & drawer handles should not stick out beyond the edge of the counter top.
  • Large pull knobs (2" in diameter) can also be used on kitchen cabinets & drawers to create a more dramatic effect. 
  • When choosing cabinet hardware, be sure that there is enough room to allow the cabinets & drawers to open and close properly.
  • Drawer handles come in many lengths.  "Standard" sized handles are created with the mounting screws 3" or 4" apart.  When replacing hardware handles, be sure to measure the distance between the mounting screws to avoid having to re-drill the holes in the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  
  • 2" diameter knobs & pulls are a great choice for heavy dresser drawers or bi-fold closet doors.  

Is glass cabinet hardware safe & durable? 

  • That depends ... glass is not as delicate as you may think.  Glass has been used to glaze pottery for centuries.  If a thin layer of glass can protect & waterproff your favorite earthenware, imagine how strong solid glass knobs might be.
  • Solid glass cabinet hardware is strongerand more durable than hardware that is made by gluing glass cabochons to metal bases.  Sooner or later, the glue is bound to fail.
  • If you choose solid glass drawer handles & pull knobs for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that they will not be subjected to sharp blows when opening the cabinet doors & drawers.
  • Well made solid glass cabinet hardware that is properly installed can be expected to last indefinitely.